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UML : Use case, activity, sequence, package, class diagrams.

Merise : Entity–relationship models.

Programing languages

Java : JavaSE , Java EE, JPA, Hibernate, Spring, Vaadin.

Android : Native Android SDK, RobotGuice, Spring for Android, Picasso.

Ruby : Ruby & Ruby On Rails.

Web : HTML, CSS & SASS, Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS.


Build automation systems : Manven ,Gradle.

Enterprise tools : Jenkins, SonarQube, Jira, Arifactory.

Collaboration tools : Subversion, Git, GitHub.

Application servers : Apache, JBoss, Tomcat.

DBMS : PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite.

System & Virtualization

Linux : Debian administration and shell scripting.

Windows : Windows Server 2008/12, DHCP, DNS and IIS configuration.

Virtualization : XenServer and VMware vSphere